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The Subgame Perfect Podcast

Sep 25, 2020

This month we discuss the dilemma facing sports leagues in dealing with politicized topics like racial discrimination. We also pick out some of the best moments in sports over the last few months and debate the expansion of MLB's playoffs and 2 out of 3 structure of the first round. 

Aug 17, 2020

We discuss the current turmoil surrounding the decision of the SEC, Big 12, and ACC to continue on track to play college football in the fall in spite of the Big 10 and Pac 12 calling off their fall season. In addition, discuss restarts in MLB and other sports -- which ones got it right and which rule changes we like...

Jul 23, 2020

This month we make predictions for playoff berths and the World Series for the shortened Major League Baseball season along with discussing directions for the re-naming of the Washington Redskins, and whether and how the college football season will and should take place.  

Jun 17, 2020

We discuss the state of MLB's season and the sticking points between owners and players in negotiations. We also look at MLS' very cool World-Cup style tournament, the NBA's resumption, and short and long term issues in NASCAR

May 19, 2020

We discuss the potential impact on NCAA basketball of a big increase in salary structure for star 18-year olds in the NBA's G-League. We also throw out names of MLB's current and all-time most overrated and underrated players, including some names likely to surprise like Rivera and Jeter.